Studio Sets

We just wrapped on a project here at Musicbed that was a first for our team, shooting an entire video on a set. This came with a lot of unknowns for us, a lot of things that were harder than we had expected. But in the end we learned a lot from it. 

This was also the first project for our new full-time DOP here at Musicbed, his names Ben Joyner ( He comes straight out of a film school from Savanna Georgia and so far he's blown us away. Can't wait to see what comes from him in the future. 

We were doing a project to promote our Musicbed Film Fest. But the idea for the film was a split screen, with two stories going at the same time, and at some points in the film actually crossing over that middle line. So our needs were two sets. Two bedrooms, two studios, and venue, and a film set. 

We shot the film over two days at our new Musicbed offices which was built with a full soundstage in the back. More than enough to accomplish everything we needed. 

We had a few references for this piece, as far as lighting and emotions. A big reference was a commercial shot by Gustav Johansson for Levi's. 

We knew a big part of this would be the production design. So we went right into hiring an amazing one, her name was Hillary. ( She's got amazing taste and is also great to work with. 

To create the two different set pieces we new we needed some sort of different backgrounds. We made a trip to Home Depot an came back with these vary inexpensive fake wood paneling. We new we wanted the other set to be mostly white, which solved that issue sense the existing wall was already newly painted white. perfect! 

We had a number of different lighting setups. But for the most part it was very simple. All of our Daylight scenes we shot with a simple book light setup with a M18 as our main source, bounced into a 8x8 Ultra Bounce then diffused again with Full Grid. 

The biggest challenge of the shoot was considering the matching of both frames between each day. So both frames needed to match perfectly in post. These are some of the ending frames we finished with. Over all incredibly pleased with how it came out. And how the newly grown teamed work together.